1. What exactly does labour all do ?
Labour all begins by asking the user a series of questions which the user answer. At the end a report is generated wherein all the aspects that remain to be complied are shown.

2. What are the features of the report ?
Mainly details the aspects that are to be complied to become 100% compliant. The report contains all the questions with answers given by the user are shown It contains the score of how compliant the user is It also details the prescribed punishment

3.‚Äč What are the other features of labour all ?
Linking : Labour all links you to relevant forms which can be downloaded. Links are provided with reference to all relevant information as well. Availability : Labour all is available to the user 24/7 . It is computer, mobile and I pad friendly. It can therefore be used while travelling as well. Convenience : Labour all allows user to continue from where user stopped. Example : user stopped at question 10, User can resume with question 11.

4. What if user requires clarifications?
Labour all provides clarifications with 48 hours. It also offers tech support.

5. Will Labour all run the software ?
Yes. Labour All has a team who can run the software and finish the audit for the user at an additional cost.