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Welcome to Labour All

Labour All is a comprehensive online portalwhich aims at helping a factory, shop or any type of establishment to assess their level of compliance with labour laws and become fully compliant. It also tells you what is left to comply with. You start by answering a series of questions and then generate a report which gives the risk level, the pending documents to be maintained and the other compliances as well.

Labour all goes beyond mere documentary compliance. You can access it from your mobile, PC, I Pad or any other device which has internet connectivity. It available 24/7. Do watch our videos to understand further.


Why Labour All

Labour all is an organised software. It begins from section 1 of any given enactment and goes in an orderly manner till the end. Further, it also takes into account the judgements that have been passed by the Supreme Court etc and incorporates those aspects into its software. Labour all gives no scope for missing any section.

It also does not stop at maintaining documents. It aims to meet all the requirements envisaged by the Act. Our representatives will be glad to meet you personally.


  • Mr. P. L. MathewSenior General Manager (HR) Bosch , Bangalore
  • Mr. Pranesh K.S, Senior Manager- Legal Herbalife , Bangalore

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